Welcome to lyrestad

Here you will find a pearl along the Göta Kanal and on this page you can find information about what there is to do in the village, various accommodations and places to eat or maybe have a coffee.

We who stand behind this page are the non-profit association
Lyrestad's community association!

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Stay and eat

Here you can find places to stay over and places to go and eat or take a coffee.

Things to do in the village

There is much to do when you are on visit at Lyrestad. Here you can find several things to do.

Parking for caravans and Motorhomes

If you want to stay in Lyrestad by your caravan ore your motorhome, here you can find informations about that.

Pictures of Lyrestad

Visit this page to see photos of Lyrestad submitted by those who live here!

Defibrillator in lyrestad 

Pensionat Åsgården

At guesthouse Åsgården there is a defibrillator who is available all around the clock. It is in the white cabinet on the porch.

Harbor Magazine

Outside the entrance to the harbor magazine there is a defibrillator that is available at all time.

Lyrestads pastorate

Outside the facade on the north side of the building there is a defibrillator which is also always available.