welcome to explore lyrestad

Here you will find a lot of things to do when you visit Lyrestad

Guest harbor

The guest harbor in Lyrestad is a popular meeting place for boaters, motorist and bicycle tourists. There are 15 places and 12 power sockets (6A), as well a guest port service whit access to toilets, showers and a laundry room.

Pitch for caravan and motorhomes

In Lyrestad there are 25 parking places in direct connection to Göta Kanal. 15 of the places have electricity and 10 places whitout. The price for the places includes access to toilet, showers and laundry room. This place for motorhomes and caravans ended up in 3rd places year 2020 when "Motorhome and caravan" appointed the best place to stay.

lyrestad church

The orginal stone church was built in the middle age. Part of the northern wall are included in the current church that was built in year 1674. The church tower was built in year 1960 an in the 17tc century the current sacrusty was built.

Tours with the sailboat lizella

During the summer, tours are offered with the sailboat Lizella. Here you can get to be active and help out with the boat, lock, pull in tambours and more. Feeling the water under your feet when the boat is sailing is a pleasant experience. Between the locks we glide along at five knots and watch the scenery pass by. Maybe you will enjoy a swim in the Göta Kanal ore sunbathe on the foredeck?

Walk ore cycle along the göta kanal

The distance from Sjötorp ro Tåtorp is 35 kilometers. Download the mobile app and find accomodation, food and walking guides. By following the canal on the gravel car-free road can you relax and enjoy the enviroment. Bicycle rental is available at several locations.

Children's mini canal

In Norrqvarn there is the Children's mini canal which is Göta kanal built in miniature. Here can the children see the path of the canal between lakes Vänern and Vättern. Rent a toyboat to conquer the mini canal and when you return the boat you get an icecream.

Sports association IF weimer lyrestad

Welcome to IF Weimer Lyrestad. On our website you can se upcomin matches, read about our members and other activities that we provided. You are also welcome to visit out football field at Guntorpsvallen to watch football. We have both A-team and several young teams. 

Tennis court

Do you want to play tennis? More information about payment and booking list are avalible att the tennis court. 

Museum in lyrestad

Welcome to our museum, where you can see objects from times gone by. The museum is structured in departmens - telepdone collection, cobbler's corner, laundry department ect. It is easy to connect the objects to the rigth area of use. We have approximately 6,000 object registered in our museum.

M/S Bellevue Boat tours

During the summer, M/S Bellevue operates the route Sjötorp- Töreboda and Karlsborg - Töreboda and vice versa on day trips. The boat goes in one direction and free bus connetcion back is included in the trip. Both food and coffee are available to by on board the boat. You can also accompany M/S Bellevue in shrimp and multi-day cruises.

exercise tracks

This track is 2350 m long and runs in part of a hilly mixed forest. The track has a level difference of just over 20 m and the surface concists of soft chippings. Along the exercise track there is a digital guided walk that you can easily participate on your phone. More information is avaliable at the adress Furuvägen 12.


In the heart of Lyrestad, down in the harbor, our miniature golf is open between June and August. More information about opening times is available on place.

The lily stone

On the right side of the entrance to Lyrestad's church, a lily stone stands against the church wall, fixes with cement and iron clamps. This is Västergötlands northernmost burial mound of this type, and a very beutiful example og this large group og thombstones.

The runestone in rogstorp

The runestone in Rogstorp in Lyrestad was raised about 1000 years ago is one of Västergötlands most beoutiful and powerful runestones. Be aware that it's not a road to the stone, so you have to walk on a field.

Böckersboda ship setting

Böckersboda village is located on a gravel hill near Norrqvarn by Göta kanal. Here, cultural heritage from completely diffrent times comes together in an exciting way. INside the ancient village settlement are two large shiprẃrecks from the Iron age.

cultural path

The cultural path in Norrqvarn offers a scenic, shorter walk signposted with information from the construction perios of the Göta canal. There is an exhibition in the old shed at Norrqvarn's upper lock. Guided tours are available.

go sleeding in Lyrestad with lift

Lyrestad has Mariestad only slope with a lift system. IF Weimer is responsible for maintenence and staffinf. There is also a heating cabin here when it starts to be time for a break.

museum of mercedes cars

The Mercedes barn in Lyrestad is a museum with cars from 1950 to 2012. Welcome in and experience history in the barn!


Lyrestad's library is located in Lyrestad's school and functions as both a school and public library. The library has books, magazines and other things for both young and old. Open on mondays and wednesdays.

children's association

Lucia train, christmas market, the annual spooky gost walk, children's gymnastics and much more. Read more about Lyrestad's children association at our facebookpage.  


Welcome to play boule at the harbor in Lyrestad.